Facilitation Training

CLIPS course January 2020

A three-day experience of intense individual and group work Three days  about CLIPS to deepen, between theory and practice, the

Community Experience Emotional Lifestyle Motivation World

Changing a Lifestyle

The first steps before a great choice: dream and decide to follow a dream, collect information, read, study, plan. Listening

Facilitation Lifestyle Motivation Training University

Group Dynamics

Living in a group, whether for work, study or life choice, is as exciting as it is challenging. How to

Lifestyle Permaculture Training University

Permaculture and social Permaculture workshop

A workshop to introduce to Permaculture and Social Permaculture. What does Permaculture mean? Where is it born? What objectives does

Community Experience Lifestyle Motivation

A Year of Living Together in the Community of Torri Superiore

From a city to an Ecovillage to learn to live together with a community. What will it be like? What