Since July 3 the Ecovillage is open to guests, volunteers, friends and relatives to spend summer days together, including mountain walks, river dives, sea baths, beach lunches, excursions to nearby Ventimiglia, Bordighera, Menton, Nice…but this is not a summer like all the others: how to juggle social distancing and community life? With a touch of creativity and without giving up the familiar atmosphere of the stone village!  

What's it like this summer 2020?

We have decided to reopen to the public the guesthouse of the Ecovillage from July 3rd. It was a much debated decision because the health regulations for the coronavirus have had, and still have, a big impact on daily life here in Torri Superiore. We wanted to give a signal of vitality and welcome to the many friends and people who contacted us during the closing period, asking to visit us to find the atmosphere of community life, even if only for a few days, as guests. We have transformed ourselves into a social cooperative and in this new guise we have reopened our doors.

...and masks

And so… it all sanitizes! The seats at the table are spaced out! No more self-service buffet! Many changes have taken place in order to be able to receive people in safety and relax, in the dining rooms and on the terraces you can eat meals prepared by skilled chefs and enjoy the beautiful panorama and the fresh air of the valley.  

New of this year: the lunch take-away service, a tasty and practical picnic, prepared in a beautiful package with local ingredients zero km, fresh from the day and cooked with great care. Picnics have to be requested (at least) from the evening before, both by those staying at the ecovillage and those passing through (it’s important: send us a message or email to prepare them in time!). You can take it with you, on the beach or immersed in the tranquility of the olive groves or even in the common rooms or terraces…let us know what you think and… bring back the containers!!

We're coming with dinner!
Distant, yes but without missing the beauty of the company and the coolness of the terrace!

The resident community mainly uses private spaces to consume the meals provided by the centralized kitchen but when it is possible, we sit at the tables with guests, friends and volunteers between dishes served by extra-ordinary waiters (Well, yes…that’s us!).

Agricultural activities continue at full speed: with the vegetable gardens at SPES an interminable harvest of zucchini has begun and the olive groves are in production.  

This summer in Torri Superiore there will be a somewhat rarefied environment, quieter, always welcoming and stimulating for those who want to get to know us closely and relax between sea and mountains after a very strange and difficult period. 

We are happy to welcome you among these news so new for us too. 

We are waiting for you!

Pic-nic boxes
Nina's Style!
Fried Zucchini
From the greenhouses of Spes in Varase
View over Torri
Among the olive trees in production



  • Mark, 30 July 2020 @ 11:19 Reply

    So nice to see you are open again. Hope that everything is fine. We are in Spain/ Portugal this year. Hope that will be a good choise. But miss you all! Kind regards, Mark, Julian & Isabel

    • Francesca, 8 August 2020 @ 10:41 Reply

      Thank you Mark for your kind words! All the ecovillage say hallo to all you too…have a good summer and see you soon 🙂

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