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Making community

We need freedom and security at the same time. In everyday reality,

Community Experience Emotional Lifestyle

Inhabit the community

What does it mean to live in an ecovillage community? And before

Facilitation Training

CLIPS course January 2020

A three-day experience of intense individual and group work Three days  about

Community Experience Emotional Lifestyle Motivation World

Changing a Lifestyle

The first steps before a great choice: dream and decide to follow

Facilitation Lifestyle Motivation Training University

Group Dynamics

Living in a group, whether for work, study or life choice, is

Lifestyle Permaculture Training University

Permaculture and social Permaculture workshop

A workshop to introduce to Permaculture and Social Permaculture. What does Permaculture

Community Experience Lifestyle Motivation

A Year of Living Together in the Community of Torri Superiore

From a city to an Ecovillage to learn to live together with