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Extinction Rebellion

Torri Superiore is a place where a village and a community have been reborn but, above all, it is a

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The journey continues

What happens if things don’t go as you wish? If efforts are in vain? Taking risks and losing, feeling that

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Clay, passion and creativity: the Messy Lab Collective

The Collective Messy Lab is a group of ceramists who for several years, here at the ecovillage, have been organizing

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And in the changing…Italia che Cambia!

Daniel Tarozzi came to Torri Superiore to interview Massimo on the theme of sustainability, making a video about our Ecovillage,

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Summer 2020 at the Ecovillage Torri Superiore

Since July 3 the Ecovillage is open to guests, volunteers, friends and relatives to spend summer days together, including mountain

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Sustainability and Ecovillage

The word sustainability close to the word eco-village opens “green” settings. Immediately we imagine places where man’s impact on the

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Sharing and Experience in Body Emotional Work with Stefano

What is Body Emotional Work? What are the connections between emotions and body? A few years ago Stefano Vanzetto started

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Making community

We need freedom and security at the same time. In everyday reality, we tend to sacrifice freedom for security or,

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Torri Superiore Ecovillage during the COVID: what emerges during the emergency

What happened and what is happening at Torri Superiore Ecovillage during the COVID period? A reflection resulting from these months

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Inhabit the community

What does it mean to live in an ecovillage community? And before that, what is it like to live in