Torri Superiore is situated at the foot of the Ligurian Alps, in a small valley crossed by the beautiful Bevera bathing stream. It is located about 11 kilometers from the city of Ventimiglia, and 16 kilometers from the border with France. The climate is mild throughout the year, with temperate winters and cool summers, perfect for stays dedicated to walking, hiking and relaxing. The local vegetation is evergreen, a tangle of Mediterranean scrub, century-old olive trees, holm oaks, lemons, oranges, mimosas and brooms. In the nearby village of Torri (250 inhabitants) you can find other interesting examples of medieval vernacular architecture, the church and an old mill used as a museum.

Starting from Torri it is possible to make many beautiful excursions on foot.

The Monte Grammondo (1300m), with the Rifugio Gerry is immediately behind us, and the Balcony Path connects Torri with the villages of Collabassa, Airole, Rocchetta Nervina and Villatella. It is possible to go canyoning in the gorges and waterfalls of the Bevera torrent, which was born in France, and forms natural pools and pools suitable for summer bathing in different points.

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