Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May

After a brief theoretical introduction on the history and functionality of dry stone walls in
Liguria, the practical part will concern the excavation of old collapsed walls and the subsequent one reconstruction without the use of cement. Various techniques, the tricks of the trade and will be explained precautions to be used depending on the places and situations. Some will also be realized embellishment interventions with particular techniques (build a staircase, make a wall in curve, insert the new wall in the old wall, use of special materials). It will be dedicated also space to the care of your body, an indispensable work tool, and to the dynamics
of group work in order to “build” in strength and union.

Corso di ricostruzioni muri a secco a cura di Stefano Vanzetto
Stefano Vanzetto

A resident of Torri Superiore since 2000, Stefano has been involved in the construction and maintenance of dry stone walls and the construction site for the restoration of the medieval village for several years. His training began with the testimonies and help of some elderly people in the country, and continued with practice in the garden of an old convent in Imperia and in the countryside in Torri.

Stefano has been following a group path for years in the Emotional Body Work (LEC).
The course will last two days and will be open to a maximum of 15 participants. Price Euro 200 inclusive of two days full board (price without stay Euro 120 including two lunches).

Ecovillage Torri Superiore (Ventimiglia, IM) * * 0184 215504

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