Daniel Tarozzi came to Torri Superiore to interview Massimo on the theme of sustainability, making a video about our Ecovillage, from its rebirth until today. On these pages we want to talk about who made this beautiful video interview, about his journey in an Italy that is changing, which started an editorial project, an extraordinary mapping of changing realities towards different lifestyles, generators of a sustainable future. We are going to tell you about it: Italia che Cambia!

Italy changing...or rather?

Italia che cambia (Italy that changes) is a project that wants to tell, map and network that piece of country that in front of a problem is activated to concretely change things without delegating or waiting for someone to do it in its place. It also wants to offer tools to facilitate the processes of positive transformation underway in the country with the aim of bringing out the potential of those who "want to change" by providing the example, know-how and support of the network of projects already in place.

Italia che Cambia

These words are taken directly from the page of the Italia Che Cambia website (the site is in Italian language, like the video interview shot to Massimo) https://www.italiachecambia.org/chi-siamo/

A few weeks ago the journalist Daniel Tarozzi arrived at the Ecovillage Torri Superiore to interview Massimo on the theme of sustainability, making a video.

Daniel is the editorial director of Italia Che Cambia, a project that we have been following with interest for some years, also because here at Torri Superiore, in December 2017 we hosted one of the “Change Planning” modules promoted by Italia che Cambia and coordinated by Ezio Maisto


On that occasion, in addition to valuable tools derived from the study of ecopsychology, the sociocracy of facilitation and concrete experiences of community life, we met (or re-found!) Marcella Danon, Pierre Houben, Eva Lotz and Francesca Martina (co-author of the book Facilitiamoci which we talked about in one of our articles). https://www.torrisuperiore.org/en/group-dynamics/

It is still the words taken from the website that best introduce us to the objectives of Italia Che Cambia, a project born in 2012, when Daniel, aboard a camper, left for a first trip throughout Italy in search of “different life experiences, change, ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship, virtuous politics, reduction of consumption, self-production, return to the countryside, rediscovery of the meaning of life…”.

Our goal, therefore, is twofold: on the one hand to bring out this Italian multitude - that we have been able to meet in years of meetings around the twenty Italian regions - and on the other hand to contribute to the construction of a new cultural paradigm that focuses on the demercification of reality, human relations, facilitation, non-judgmental processes, human, environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Italia Che Cambia

Here in Torri, between a shot and a chat, Daniel told us (still amazed after so many years!) about his experience in what was called the “Journey to Italy that Changes, to meet and get to know those who have taken responsibility for their lives without waiting for someone to do it in their place“.

That experience had exceeded all his rosiest expectations. In fact the trip lasted 7 months during which he met more than 450 realities

An impressive number, especially because it was silent and unknown. The real wonder, however, is that the mapping of these realities is constantly evolving, the network is expanding thanks to word of mouth and those who are changing and experimenting with different lifestyles, talk about others “who do like us“.

There really is an Italy in transformation, active and proactive for the creation of a realistically sustainable present that faces a future in which it is possible to be and live the best, all of us.

And this is also an invitation to continue word-of-mouth 😉

The experience of Daniel’s journey was collected in the book Io faccio così, Chiarelettere, 2013.

And not only: a newspaper was born, a map of reality https://www.italiachecambia.org/mappa/

And also the development of territorial networks thanks to a campaign of activation of the territories, through the proposals emerged from the “Visions 2040” … questions, reflections, proposals for possible scenarios on major global and local issues: housing, agriculture and water, environment, reproductive cycles and waste, climate, disability, economy, education, energy, entrepreneurship, information and communication, employment, legality, mobility, health….

What will Italy be like in 2040?


Finally, but by now we have understood that this is only a stage of a great work in progress, since July of this year was also born Liguria che Cambia (Liguria that changes) http://italiachecambia.org/liguria/a new local editorial staff that maps the virtuous experiences of this region.

And…yes, we are there too, happy to tell the story of a reborn village, a community that takes up residence, the dialogue with the surrounding area, the hospitality in Torri of the first Permaculture courses in Italy and the growing experience in facilitating group dynamics. Yes, our history. This too is a history of change, because, as Massimo says “we can resist or take part in change“…what have we chosen and continue to choose? You will discover it here…



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